3 Ways to Offer a Membership

In the Internet Marketing world, just about everyone is creating a membership these days. Several of my professional clients are also setting up memberships to offer their information and/or products.

Maybe you want to get in on this, too? Setting up a membership can be a terrific way to create a stream of income often greater than what you’d receive from a single sale of the complete set of information.

But many are intimidated by the idea of offering a membership, fearing it’s too complicated to set up and run.

Here are three easy ways to structure a membership:

1. Set up a Fixed Term Membership using an autoresponder system

I learned this method from Jimmy Brown’s Membernaire program and am actually implementing a membership like this myself. (Stay tuned for details in the very near future!)

This is the simplest method of all. Basically, you create an autoresponder series where a message is sent to customers once a week and each message points to a web page that has a link to a PDF file (or audio or video) with the contents of that week’s lesson. The membership is of fixed length – 3, 6, 9, or 12 months for example – and you may offer additional bonus lessons along the way.

The easiest way to take payment is with PayPal or Clickbank. You’ll also need an autoresponder system that customers opt into after they’ve signed up so they can receive your weekly messages. Clickbank offers the additional benefit of an affiliate program for your membership.

Alternatively, if you already have a 1shoppingcart.com (or private label) account, you can use its autoresponders and recurring billing to implement your membership. In this case, the customer wouldn’t need do the extra step of opting into an autoresponder since you can have that happen automatically within the cart system.

So, to offer this type of membership, you need to create content, link to each bit from a separate web page, and create an autoresponder series with a weekly message pointing to the next web page. Of course, there are tips and tricks around how to create the membership, attract customers, and keep them subscribed that Jimmy covers in detail in his membership. Check it out Jimmy’s Membernaire program.

2. Set up a membership site using Amember and PayPal

Amember is fairly simple and inexpensive membership software that is installed on your web server. It can tie easily to PayPal for subscription payments and creates a separate, passworded account for each subscriber. Only users who have a current subscription to a product can login and access its content.

Both within Amember itself and by using the many plug-ins available for it, it’s possible to set up many types of protected content, from simple web pages to WordPress sites, Joomla sites, and sites with incremental content available over time, similar to the Fixed Term Membership described above.

Amember includes support for autoresponders and an affiliate program for your memberships. Learn more about Amember.

3. Set up a membership site using Amember and 1shoppingcart.com

By buying a plug-in for Amember, you can use 1shoppingcart.com or one of its private labels to implement your membership. In this case, you’d use recurring billing within the cart to automatically charge your customers.

If you don’t already have a cart account, this may not be the best solution for you since using Amember with PayPal will give you much the same functionality. I think the autoresponder system within the cart is a bit more user friendly, and the cart’s affiliate program has some additional features, but neither of these is reason enough to spend the extra money for the shopping cart.

However, if you already use the cart for other products you sell, you may want to use it for your membership, too. You’d be able to keep your customer list, autoresponders, and affiliates all in one system rather than split between Amember and your cart. This can make your life much easier as you grow your business.

You can learn more about this shopping cart and sign up for a free 30 day trial by looking under e-Commerce at the Practice Pay Solutions site.

Want More Help?

These are three of the easiest ways to get your membership going. Setting one up may still sound daunting to you. But you have friends here at Success With Ease who are experienced with all these methods and systems and would be glad to help you get your membership ready to take orders and deliver content in less time than you’d believe. Contact us for a free conversation about offering your own membership!