7 Reasons You May Resist Offering Teleclasses

In my last post, I gave you 9 great reasons to add teleclasses to your product portfolio. Have you done it yet? C’mon, it’s been a whole week! 🙂 Well, if you’re planning on it, good for you. I think you’ve made a decision that’ll be good for your business.

If you haven’t decided to offer teleclasses, why not? Maybe for one of these reasons:

“I don’t see how teleclasses fit into my business.”
If you want to build your list, make money quickly, add a mid-priced product to your portfolio, create a product easily, OR be seen as an expert in your field, then you want to offer teleclasses. They will help you achieve every one of these results.

“I don’t have a big enough list to market teleclasses to.”

Good news! Several marketing techniques make use of OTHER peoples’ lists, so you can succeed with teleclasses without your own list.

“I don’t believe I can attract enough people to register.”

I know at least 12 different ways to attract registrants to your teleseminar program, so you CAN fill a class.

“I don’t have any content to offer.”

Well, I’m not sure I believe that, but there’s a simple way to offer teleclasses where you don’t have to know anything at all about the content.

“I don’t have time to set everything up and create products at the end.”

Well, here’s a big one for many people. Setting up your class can be so simple that it won’t take any time at all. And, if you wish, you can inexpensively hire someone else (like me!) to set up the registration process for you. Once you’ve completed your first teleclass program, all the hard work for creating the products is already done.

“I don’t think I can lead teleclasses well.”

Perhaps you’re concerned about the “performance” aspect of leading your own teleclasses. Don’t be! There are numerous formats for teleclasses and some of them have other people providing nearly all the content and doing most of the talking.

“It’s too technically difficult for me.”

Very little of the process of offering your own teleclasses and creating products from them is technical. An obvious solution for the small bit of technical that is required is to hire me to help you set up your registrations and put together your product packages at the end. The rest of the process is well within your abilities.

Now you have no excuses for not creating your own teleclass program. If you’d like to learn a step-by-step method for designing, promoting, leading, and packaging your own teleclass program, check out my new Success With Teleclasses Live Program.

The early bird pricing goes away at the end of the day Tuesday, so don’t delay – register now!

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