Are You Invisible?

invisible_man_print_by_yale_a_bowman-d7dinrmA key aspect of running a successful business is to find ways to get in front of – and stay in front of – your ideal clients. This is true both online and offline. We’re going to focus on online business here.

How Can You Get in Front of Your Audience?

Your Email List

These people have already indicated interest in what you have to offer by joining your list. Make sure you don’t ignore them by sending them valuable content as well as promoting to them.

Social Media

This includes the classics – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – as well as Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, and others. Don’t try to post to them all. The key here is to learn which platforms your audience uses and focus your efforts there.


If you can host your own summit or speak on someone else’s and the audience is your market, you can become more visible quickly. And as a bonus, the credibility of the other speakers will rub off on you.


Whether you host them or you’re invited to speak by someone else, interviews are another way to put yourself out there. These can be on a podcast, an interview series, or a one-time teleseminar/webinar.


You can write articles that you publish on your blog, in an ezine sent to your list, to article directories like, and/or as guest posts on others’ sites.


Videos you create can be you talking on screen or you talking over slides or screen shots. Publish them on YouTube, embed them in your blog, and link to them in emails to your list.

Don’t Do All These Strategies!

You don’t want to put all your visibility eggs in one basket since what is most effective online changes over time. But you don’t want to make yourself crazy doing all these strategies, either. So choose a few of these options. Pick ones you’ll enjoy doing on a¬†regular basis that are effective in attracting your perfect audience.

4 Elements to Make Your Visibility Plan Effective

1. Be consistent. These strategies only continue to build your business if you execute them regularly.

2. Make sure you stay in front of your ideal audience. When choosing where to speak and with whom to partner, keep your ideal client in mind. It will not do you any good to spend your time and energy getting visible to people that aren’t interested in what you have to offer.

3. Focus on providing useful content, not just promoting. When you communicate with potential clients, provide about 70-80% valuable content and promote only around 20-30% of the time. This ratio will ensure that your audience will stay engaged with you and not tune you out due to too many promotions.

4. Nurture your partners. As you meet colleagues through summits, interviews, teleseminars, podcasts, guest posting, or whatever else you may be doing, build those relationships. It doesn’t have to be just “one and done”. You can continue to partner with these people to support each others’ businesses.

Now, go out there and be seen!

What strategies do you use to get in front of your ideal clients? Leave a comment and share.

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