Become a Guest Blogger

Hopefully, you’ve developed the habit of regularly publishing blog posts to your own site. Have you considered branching out and becoming a guest blogger on others’ sites?

Posting articles on other blogs will expose you to a broader audience and boost your reputation as an expert in your field.

The posts you create will include an author box at the end with your name and web site address. If readers of your post appreciate your article, you may get new visitors to your site and even new subscribers to your list when they click through the link in your author box.

Also, if the publisher of the blog is willing to put an author tag on the post for you (and you’ve set up a Google profile), your photo will show up next to the post in Google search engine results, giving you even more visibility.

Google result with photo

So there are clear benefits of becoming a guest blogger, but how do you go about becoming one?

First, find some blogs with good sized audiences in your target market, but where the site owners are not direct competitors of yours. You want to find the blog of someone who provides something different than you, but to the same people.

Write a blog post suitable for his or her audience and send it, along with an offer to provide more posts on a regular schedule. It could be one or month or more, depending on what you and the site owner agree to.

Can you use one of your own blog posts as a guest blogger?

You can, but there are drawbacks:

  • Blog publishers may not wish to use a “recycled” post.
  • If your target market reads your blog and one or more of the blogs you’re a guest for, they’ll see the same article in multiple blogs.
  • Search engines will only list one of the duplicate blog posts, and it may not be the one at your site, so you may be damaging your own site’s search engine position by reusing blog posts.

Blog buttonOf course, to implement this strategy, you’ll REALLY need to be disciplined with your writing schedule. You don’t want to slack off on your own blog posts, or fail to meet your commitment to the blog owners with whom you have arrangements. But if you can pull it off, becoming a guest blogger can be a terrific way to become more visible and valuable to your market.