“Being” is the Key

In my New Year’s post, I wrote about my business intentions for the coming year and I referred to reflecting on what we want to be/do/have in the next year. The way I expressed my intentions was in terms of “doing”. I think that’s quite typical, that most people express their goals in terms of either things to do or thing to have.

What I’ve come to realize, however, is that the truly powerful way to think about intentions is through how we’re BEING. In other words, we can write down as many goals as we like, but unless we approach them by being who we need to be to accomplish them, nothing will happen.

I’ve found that several areas affect my level of success:

1. Frame of mind. I often set up certain environmental cues around me that help me be more creative and productive. These include either light classical or new age-y music, a lit candle, a glass of water and ice nearby, and a good amount of light. I’ve been doing this for long enough that something in me recognizes this environment and “knows” it’s time to get to work.

Connecting with the right colleagues and friends also enhances results. They provide encouragement, inspiration, support, and ideas.

These environmental factors can help us be in the frame of mind to be more creative and productive.

2. Intention. Our results are – not surprisingly – greatly enhanced when we’re clear on what we want to achieve. If we’re vague or not committed enough, it’s much harder to know exactly what to do and if our efforts are going to get the results we really want. It’s like they say, “It’s hard to know if you’re going in the right direction if you don’t know where you want to end up.”

To achieve the outcomes we want, we must be quite clear about just what they are.

3. Energy. This refers to both the type and quantity of energy we bring to our work. You probably realize that when we feel positive and motivated, we accomplish more. The quality of energy is best when we’re not distracted or holding onto bad feelings.

Clearly, the quantity of energy has an effect, also. If we’re tired or low-energy for any reason, it’s harder to feel motivated to work, and when we do work, it’s harder to stay focused and get much done.

4. Focus. Being in the moment rather than thinking about either the past or the future helps us achieve more. This keeps our minds on what we’re doing right now. It’s not always easy to do, but our productivity is definitely enhanced when we’re ONLY thinking about the current task and not the unfortunate conversation we had an hour ago with a child or worrying about whether we’re going to get everything done today that we want to.

5. Health. To the extent that we’re well-rested and have eaten good food, we work better. None of us is going to do as well when we’re ill as when we’re feeling good. Too many of us skimp on sleep, but that’s actually counter-productive. Taking the time to get enough sleep helps us use all the waking hours more effectively. And, of course, sufficient rest and food positively affects energy levels.

Are there any other ways you can “be” to enhance your ability to grow your business? Leave a comment and you might help others get there, too!