Breathe. Just Breathe.

There’s a basic technique I use regularly that has a big effect on how I experience my days. It seems way too simple to make so much difference, but I promise if you give it a try, you’ll notice a change in how you feel.

What am I talking about? Breathing. That’s it. What’s that you say? You already breathe? Well, good! You wouldn’t be able to read this blog post if you weren’t breathing. 🙂

I’m talking about taking one or more deep breaths, where you fill your lungs fully and exhale slowly. Doing this has a powerful effect on your body. It

  • sends more oxygen to your brain,
  • slows down your heart rate,
  • stabilizes your blood pressure,
  • and reduces tension in your muscles.

When Should You Breathe Deeply?

Several situations in daily life benefit from this technique. If you’re in conflict with someone – or heading in that direction – taking the time for one or more deep breaths can calm you, reducing your internal tension. It also allows you time to choose your response rather than simply react. Taking a moment also gives the other person a chance to think things through.

Maybe you’re experiencing a different type of stress. It could be sudden, like a near accident on the road or a call from school about your misbehaving child. Or it could be ongoing, such as financial stress or being the caretaker of an ailing relative.

Whenever you feel either type of stress, take a few seconds to breathe deeply. Not only will your body relax, but your brain will be able to decide how to handle your situation more effectively.

It’s Good for Business, Too.

This technique is also useful within your business. Whether it’s dealing with an unhappy customer or handling the overload of too many projects, taking a moment to just breathe can give you some perspective and the calm you need to manage the situation more productively.

This may seem overly simplistic to you, and it certainly won’t resolve the difficult circumstances we all find ourselves in at times. But it will help you cope with those circumstances in a more relaxed and productive manner.

What other techniques do you use to deal with stress?

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