What’s Up for the New Year?

I heard from a number of people in response to last week’s post. I’m still tweaking my daily process as I see what works and what doesn’t. I’ll give you an update soon as to what I’m learning.

I’ve decided to write shorter posts and occasionally post more often. I believe it’ll be more appealing to you to have less to read each time and I think it’ll be easier for me to create them. We’ll see! Do let me know what you think in the next few weeks.

Women Juggling

What with my increased productivity and the new year approaching, I’m feeling more motivated than ever to accomplish great things in my business. Let me tell you what I’m up to and then you can comment and tell me your plans.

Now that I’ve ramped up my overall productivity, I’m not only working on client sites, but my own as well. It’s been woefully neglected recently and all my clients’ sites are more up to date, both in their look and their technology. I plan to unveil my new site early in the year and look forward to hearing what you think about it.

I’m also working on several service and products offerings. I have a special retainer offer for web work that’s good only until 12/31/2010. In January, I’ll have some attractive site maintenance plan for users of WordPress. They’ll include important ongoing support that will happen for you automatically.

I will also have a product offering delivered using a totally cool new service I’ll tell you about next week.

I’m so excited! I’ve wanted to get these areas moving forward for so long and I’ve finally figured out how to manage myself so I can make progress with them.

This might sound like a pretty self-promotional post, but that’s honestly not my intention. One the one hand, I really am excited by the strides I’m making, and on the other hand, I’m hoping you’ll be inspired to find the best way to manage your time and priorities – if you haven’t already – to make some amazing progress yourself!

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It’s about to be a new year. What better time to amp up your motivation and discipline to make a brand new start? If you’re doing well now, how can you magnify it? And if you’re not, what can you do to turn your business in a more productive and profitable direction? I’m always available to consult with you about your plan for next year if you’d like some help.

Leave a comment and let me know how you’re doing and what your plans are for 2011.