How’s Your Followup?

I’m so thrilled to be finally posting my first “real” blog entry. As some of you know, I sent out an ezine for years, but it’s been years now since I sent the last one. Yikes! Perhaps now is a good time to reinforce the importance of staying in touch with your list. I obviously need reminding and maybe you do, too.

As I’ve been telling my clients for years, the most important goal for your web site is to add visitors to your list. It’s rare that first time visitors will buy something, and once they’re gone, they may never come back. But if they subscribe to your list, they’re giving you permission to invite them back over and over again.

Now your job is to make sure you keep inviting them!

Of course, you will want to offer value to your subscribers as well as marketing to them. After all, that’s the deal they signed up for. My rule of thumb is to have about 70% pure content to 30% marketing content, not necessarily in the same message. You may send several articles or Top 10 lists or tips and then have one message that’s all about your new teleclass program.

There are a number of methods for talking to your list. It really doesn’t matter how you communicate with subscribers as long as you do it on a regular basis.

Make it a point to do at least one task each week to connect with your list:

  • send an ezine issue,
  • add an autoresponder message to your sequence,
  • broadcast an email message, or
  • post a blog entry that’s emailed to subscribers.

You may also provide an RSS feed, particularly if you have a blog. While this is a very effective way of connecting with those who read RSS feeds, unfortunately they are still a small minority of users, so you will probably need to send some type of email messages as well.

If you make communicating with your list a regular habit and be sure your subscribers are receiving valuable content, you’ll build relationships with them.

By offering good value, both with your free information and with the products and services you sell, you can be assured of attracting new subscribers, retaining the ones you have, and converting some to paying customers.

So let’s all commit to staying in touch with our subscribers -and I’ll be the first to sign up!

If you have any tips for how you stay in touch with your list, please post them in a comment so we can all benefit. And if you need any help with the mechanics of how to communicate with your list, we can help! Send us an email and we’ll talk.

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