Get Someone Else to Build Your List for You

We all know that having a large, responsive list is the best asset you can have to make money online. Did you know you can get someone else to build your list for you?

HandshakeIf you know – or can find – someone who serves the same audience as you, but is not a direct competitor and has a good-sized list, you can propose a deal that benefits both of you.

You will offer to be interviewed and give away as much of your expertise as you can to this partner’s audience. In exchange, your partner will promote the call to her list.

How Does This Build Your List?

  1. The very least your partner is likely to agree to is to mention your web site to the audience a few times. Some of these people will visit your site and hopefully, subscribe to your list.
  2. The most common and popular way to build your list from being interviewed is to offer the audience a free gift. The host shares a URL where the gift can be found. When the listeners go to that URL, they are asked to opt-in in order to receive the gift. This is a direct and powerful way to build your list.
  3. One more way to benefit from being interviewed is if the host will allow you to promote a product or program. This is tricky because neither you nor the host want the call to sound like just a sales pitch, but if handled properly, it can work. There must be lots of good content and a little promoting. This would not only build your list, but possibly also make you money! And your host can be an affiliate so he makes money, too. Some hosts will not want to do this for fear of alienating their list. Instead of providing value, they may be seen as just trying to sell to the list and lose credibility.

If the call is recorded, you and your partner can negotiate who has the right to use it, and whether it will be sold or given away for free.

This technique for attracting new people to your list works well since the audience is in your target market, you’re displaying your expertise with information that’s useful to them, and due to the implied referral to you from the host. Since this audience is in your target market, they’re likely to be responsive to your marketing if they do opt-in.

Meanwhile, the host’s value to her audience is enhanced by providing this valuable information you’ve shared.

Of course, it goes without saying that you must be compelling and share content valuable to the listeners to receive any benefit or build a good relationship with your partner. If you don’t, no one listening will go to your site, opt-in, or buy from you. And your partner’s credibility with his list will be diminished.

You can solicit standalone opportunities to be interviewed. You may also seek out the chance to become part of a telesummit with a theme you can speak to. With a telesummit, you have to opportunity to get in front of all the participants’ lists, so it can really leverage your visibility.

There’s also a way to be the host interviewing others and build your list. We’ll discuss that in a future post.

Have any of you grown your list with this technique? How did it work out for you?