I’m Back!

I’ve been MIA from my blog for several months, but I’m back now. I’ve been busy working with clients and on a project of my own. More about that in a bit…

During the last few months when the economy has been troubled and we’ve all been concerned about our finances, I’ve been thinking about what I can offer to help. I realized that for many people, teleclasses (also known as teleseminars) can be a great solution to make money now and later.

Why You Should Offer Teleclasses

  1. A teleclass program is easy and fast to setup. The cost of hosting or participating in a teleseminar is extremely low compared to other methods of training or promoting a business. It can be very inexpensive to setup and record your program. And it’s not hard – even technophobes can do it!
  2. Offering a paid teleclass program is a fast way to make money. You can go from initial concept to accepting registrations in a matter of days, or even hours!
  3. It sets you up as expert. Whether you’re sharing your own knowledge, or leveraging that of others, people will see you as the person to go to for the type of information in your program.
  4. You can easily create one or more passive products from your live event. Once you’ve prepared and offered your teleclass program, you’ll have what you need to quickly create a set of products you can market.
  5. You can actually promote other products/services while getting paid. You can weave references to other products – yours or ones you’re affiliated with – into your classes. You can deliver a ton of valuable content and still subtly point people to other products you want them to buy.
  6. Offering teleclasses leverages your time. If you compare how much you can make with a client one on one versus how much you can make per hour during a teleclass, you’ll be amazed.
  7. You don’t need your own list to be successful. It can be tough to make money online if you don’t have a large list of your own. But there are lots of ways to promote your teleclass, and several of them leverage others’ lists.
  8. Teleseminars are available for anyone in the world to take. Unlike workshops or speaking engagements, teleclasses are not constrained by geography. Anyone anywhere with access to a phone can attend your program.
  9. There’s no travel, room rental, or dressing up as for live events. The convenience of attending a program over the phone or internet can’t be beat, both for you and your participants. I’m usually in sweats and a T-shirt when I’m on a call, as a leader or a participant. (Don’t tell anyone!)

When I remembered how terrific teleclasses can be for quick as well as long-term income, I decided to create my own teleclass program – on offering teleclasses! If you’d like to learn more about offering teleclasses yourself, check out my program at www.successwithteleclasses.com. Even if you’ve offered teleclasses in the past, I’ll bet you’ll discover ways to make more money than you have before.

I’m not planning to offer this material in a live program again, and it starts in just a few weeks, so if you’re at all intrigued, I encourage you to learn more about how you can make money with teleclasses at www.successwithteleclasses.com.

I almost forgot! There’s an early bird special good until March 31st, so make sure you register by then.