Instantly Boost Sales and Opt-Ins!

We all know how important building an opt-in list is to your success online. The majority of visitors to your site don’t purchase or contact you on their first visit, so you are losing them forever.

Popups to the rescue! A popup is a smaller window that appears on a page where you convince a visitor to opt-in to your list so you can contact them later.

Action PopUp is a very cool script that can appear when a visitor
is about to leave your site or when they enter your site. The popup is unblockable since it uses HTML layers instead of actual pop-up windows.

A lightbox effect dims the screen behind the popup to prevent visitors from being distracted by what you have underneath. They fill in that info, the popup disappears, and Action Action PopUp submits that info to your autoresponder in the background while your prospect continues to read the sales message.

You can use any autoresponder you want with Action PopUp.

Action PopUp has a built-in sales letter personalizer. After they fill in their first name in the Action PopUp, the sales letter will change to match that first name. If the visitor typed “Steven” as their first name in the opt-in box, then hit submit, the opt-in form would invisibly submit the information to your newsletter, close the popup, and suddenly the sales page would say “Steven” wherever you’ve put the special code on your page.

Action PopUp can work as a WordPress plugin so you can add popups to your blogs with just a few clicks.

Best of all, this tool comes bundled with two other complementary tools!

Action Opt-In allows you to use your existing opt-in form on your site and makes it disappear after people subscribe.

Under normal circumstances, placing an opt-in form on a sales page is a definite no-no in Internet Marketing. When a visitor is about to buy, and they decide to sign up to your list instead, they are taken to a “thank you for signing up” page where they can’t order. You just lost a sale!

With Action Opt-In, once your prospect has filled out the subscription form, it vanishes and they can keep reading the current page.

Action Opt-In remembers if your visitors have already subscribed to your list and will hide the subscription box on repeat visits so they won’t be bothered again and again.

Action Opt-in can also work as a WordPress plugin.

The second bundled tool is Action Comments, a WordPress plugin. When someone fills in the comment form on your blog, they type in their first name and e-mail address. So why not ask these already-interested people if they’d like to subscribe to your mailing list?

You can pitch your newsletter to commenters using either a checkbox or a popup dialog box.

You can see all three of these tools working here at my site, and it’s true – my opt-ins have increased since I started using these scripts!

All three tools are very easy to install and the developer provides PDF installation guides for each. They’re particularly easy to install as WordPress plugins. But if you’re interested in using one or more of them and would like help installing and configuring them, I’d be happy to help you with them.

Learn more about Action PopUp, Action Opt-in, and Action Comments here.