Is Knowing Too Much About Marketing Bad?

OK, I know what you’re thinking. How can knowing too much about marketing be bad? Well, in my case, it’s because I know so many strategies and techniques that I have trouble focusing on any one of them long enough to be successful with it.

I have a tendency to be thinking of all the other things I could do before I’ve developed a system to consistently to get benefits from the technique I’ve already started. This causes me to start one thing after another, but not be consistent with all of them. And THAT leads to not growing my business the way I could be.

I don’t think this is because I’m an idiot – although opinions may vary. 😛 I think it’s because I enjoy the design and planning phase of a project more than the implementation phase. I love imagining the possibilities and even thinking through how they should be executed. The ideas and planning are exciting to me. But once I know how to accomplish it, actually doing it sometimes seems boring. Especially when it’s a technique that requires consistent doing – like writing blog posts!

I frequently hear the same thing happening with my clients. They’ve decided to work on getting a newsletter out regularly, for example. Then they attend a webinar about how to get leads using Facebook and they start focusing on that to the detriment of the newsletter process. Next week, they learn about telesummits and want to host one. Now, all these are great things to do, but if we jump from one thing to another without following through on any of these strategies, we don’t really accomplish anything!

Working lateThe key is to develop not just a system, but one that you’re willing to DO consistently. It needs to feel fun, or at least not a total drag. So in my case, I try different processes until one clicks and I’ve developed the habit of executing the technique.

I’ve learned over the years that will power alone is not sufficient. Who wants to spend the majority of their time forcing themselves to do what they need to do? Especially for those of us who’ve started our own businesses, we’d like to enjoy what we do, or why did we start this in the first place?

Also, just as for losing weight or quitting smoking, will power alone doesn’t work over the long run for many people. They need support, tools, and/or a system to stick with it. I find it’s much the same – at least for me – with ongoing marketing activities.

The lesson for me is to pick a marketing activity, figure out the best way for me to be willing to implement it consistently, and then do it for awhile before adding on another activity. Sometimes it takes a few tries before I find the best way for me to stay consistent, and that’s why it’s good to give it a little time before starting something new.

Is There Another Solution?

Working lateOf course, there’s another solution we haven’t mentioned yet. If you can develop a system for implementing the marketing activity, but you don’t want to execute it yourself regularly, hire someone else such as a Virtual Assistant to do it! If this is a profitable marketing activity for your business, implementing it regularly could bring in enough extra money to more than pay for the help.

Occasionally, you may decide that a particular marketing activity is not right for your business. It could be one you’ve been using for some time, but you’ve decided the benefits aren’t worth the effort and your time would be better spent elsewhere. Or it could be a new activity that you just cannot find a way to implement consistently. Either way, it’s perfectly OK to change your mind. Just make sure it’s a conscious decision and not just flitting to a shiny new object.

By getting one technique solidly in your repertoire before starting another, you will start reaping the benefits of that first technique. If you abandon it too early in favor of something new, you will have just wasted your efforts since you didn’t persist to the point of gaining the benefits of the technique.

Are you someone who’s good at consistently implementing your marketing? Do you have any tricks to share?

Or are you more like me – prone to jumping to a new idea before the first one has borne fruit? Have you found anything that helps you stay focused?

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