Happy New Year!

I confess I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions. First, if the resolution is such a good idea, why wait until January 1st to start doing it? Second, I’ve rarely heard of anyone keeping their resolution beyond February – if that long!

On the other hand, the new year does feel like a beginning and a time to reflect on what we want to be/do/have in the next year. So, while I’m still going to avoid the whole “resolutions” thing, I believe it could be useful to lay out my intentions for the coming year. They’re not new – if you’ve been reading along, you’ll notice familiar trends – but it’s still useful to reaffirm them occasionally. These are about my business. There are others for my personal life, and they’re… personal. 🙂

These are in no particular order.

1. Maintain high productivity on weekdays. While I know myself well enough by now to know that I cycle between high productivity and low productivity, I’d like to keep the average level up more than I sometimes have managed in the past.

2. Take weekends off. This works in conjunction with the previous intention. To the extent that I work well during the week, I can feel good about taking the weekends off. To the extent that I relax on the weekends, it’s easier to hit it harder during the week. The goal is to create predictable cycles of productivity rather than having random cycles.

3. Love my web design clients. This has two sides to it. First, I want to make sure my clients feel the love – that they know how much I appreciate and value them. On the other hand, it means choosing clients I will truly enjoy working with.

4. Develop and market digital products. I’m very motivated to generate some passive income to supplement my web design revenues. This will get me off the “trade time for money” treadmill, allowing me to increase my total income and not feel pressure to work ever more hours.

5. Develop and market web service packages. Whether it’s WordPress security and maintenance packages, or webmaster retainer packages, I believe these can be win-win for me and my clients. Packages can provide needed services at a fixed price each month so clients can budget for them. Similarly, they provide me with some income stability. Also, to the extent that I can systematize some of these services, they can be outsourced to capable technicians to provide lower prices for clients and less hours of work for me.

Of course I have other business goals, but these are my Top 5. What are your keys objectives for your business this year? Make them real by writing them down. And if you really want to play big, leave a comment and share them with the world!