Should You Offer Teleclasses?

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been talking about teleclasses. Coincidentally, I’m offering a teleclasses program on how to offer teleclasses. 🙂  More on that later…

First, let’s look at who can benefit from offering a teleclass.

Who Should Offer Teleclasses?

Teachers and Trainers: Reach a much wider audience without the hassles of managing a live event.

Consultants: Establish yourself as an expert with people you otherwise might not meet.

Service Professionals: Get paid to promote your services and create a lower price point for those who can’t afford you one on one.

Information Marketers: Learn how to easily create new products whenever you wish – with less work than you ever dreamed!

Small Business Owners: If you sell products, teach people why they need them and how to use them to maximize your product sales.

Hobbyists: If you are passionate about something, whether it’s fishing or stamp collecting, you can share your expertise – or that of others – and get paid for it!

You probably saw yourself somewhere on that list. But specifically, what’s in it for you to offer teleclasses?

What Results Can You Expect From Offering Teleclasses?

  • You’ll know how to make money quickly anytime you want to.
  • You’ll have one or more completed products. This is a terrific way to write that book!
  • You’ll create more sales for your other products/services.
  • You’ll have a larger list.
  • You’ll gain recognition as an expert in your field.

That sounds pretty good!

Remember that teleclass program I mentioned earlier? It’s called the Success With Teleclasses Live Program and it starts Tuesday at noon Eastern, so this is your last chance to join us and add teleclass income – current and future – to your revenue stream. Register here!