Stop Focusing on Big Goals

if-you-always-doHuh? No goals! Are you crazy? Well, maybe, but I think I’m onto something here, so bear with me for a minute.

I’ve been discovering the deeper value of developing regular habits. And I think you should, too. Here’s why…

Goal Setting 101

When I learned about setting goals, they were described as big results. Lose 30 pounds, earn $10,000 a month, clean the basement. Then, you’re supposed to break the goals down into smaller bits you can accomplish a little at a time. If you do all the little bits, you’ll achieve your goal. Sound familiar? I’ll bet that’s how you learned about goals, too.

Now, I’m sure some people set goals and accomplish them just like that. I’m not one of them. I find my motivation waning way before I get to the goal. It just seems so far away and there’s so much I need to do to get from here to there. I don’t consider myself lazy – much – but this goal-setting method just feels too hard.

So what’s the alternative? Give up? No, that doesn’t work for me. I’ve gotta have goals, gotta improve, gotta have things to shoot for. I gotta dream – and do some thing about it. It’s just that traditional goal setting requires me to do too much and wait too long to “win” – to get the result.

Focus on Daily Habits

So I’ve started approaching goals differently.

Instead of focusing on the end result far off in the distance, I’m focusing on establishing habits that will lead to the result I want. These habits are mostly daily actions and I “win” every time do the action. In other words, I win every day!

So instead of setting the goal of losing X number of pounds, I have the daily goal of walking 30 minutes. If I walk every day, I will become fitter and will lose weight over time. And as I become fitter, I can incrementally change the daily habit to become a little more challenging and accelerate my progress.

With big goals, even if you accomplish them, you have occasional successes. With daily habits, you can feel successful every day. And if you create the right daily habits, the outcome you’re looking for will happen automatically.

Of course, this is true in your business as well as your personal life. Create, publish, and publicize one good quality blog post a week and you will become visible to and valued by your market. Generate social media posts and respond to others’ posts every day to become trusted in your market. Focus on at least one activity that directly brings in cash every working day and you will make more money.

Win Every Day!

The key here is to develop habits that will lead naturally to the result you want. Work to create one habit at a time. Don’t try to create too many habits all at once – it’s too hard and you’ll give up. As one habit becomes easy to do each day, then add on another one. Periodically, review your habits and the results they’ve led to in order to decide whether to modify any of them to better lead you to your goals.

Then all you need to do is focus on those daily or weekly habits to know the outcome will happen. And to win every day!

Tell me below what habit you have – or can create – to lead you toward your goals.