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Small Business Owners: Do This, Don’t Do That

I feel strongly that business owners, especially solopreneurs, should spend their time on those things only they can do for their businesses – and only those things. It’s tempting for the coaches, consultants, healers, and others I work with to try to do everything themselves. Sometimes it’s an effort to save money. Sometimes it’s about not wanting to […]

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Hunting or Farming?

  I ran across a blog post today by John Tabita  with a hunting vs. farming metaphor for attracting clients: http://www.sitepoint.com/hunting-or-farming-which-type-of-prospecting-is-best/. I sometimes find myself focusing my days on hunting activities more than farming activities since the results are quicker and so those activities can feel more urgent. Maybe you’re like me in needing to remember […]

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