Time to Relax

With regard to my productivity, the concise and not too surprising news is that my process works much better when I actually do it! I was so busy making presents the weekend before Christmas that I was totally fried by Monday and didn’t get my to-do list made. And guess what? I didn’t get much done Monday. Funny how that works. I’ll give you a more complete report on how my process is working next week when I’m back in work mode.

Christmas Tree by the Fire

This week I’m visiting my sister in Philadelphia. I’m the one who’s supposed to be living in the cold, white North (in western New York), but it’s snowy and blowing like the tundra here right now. I’ve wisely decided not to go outside today and huddle up near the fire to write a blog post for you instead.

I hope you’re getting the opportunity to spend some downtime with family and friends during the holidays. I’ve had a nice mix of friends, family, and alone time over the last week. The alone time included lots of holiday preparation so it wasn’t totally relaxing, but I still took time here and there to just sit and read or watch a movie.

Now that I’m visiting family for most of the week, I pretty much just go with the flow, not needing to do much or make many decisions. Since that’s the opposite of my normal life, it’s a fine break.

Enjoy your holidays!