What I’m Reading This Week

Otto_Scholderer_Lesendes_MädchenWe hear about list building all the time these days, and for good reason. A good-sized, responsive list is extremely valuable to any business. So I read a lot about getting traffic to your opt-in, and what to give away to attract opt-ins, and how to monetize your list once you have one. What I don’t hear as much about how to construct your opt-in page to maximize the number of visitors to it that actually do opt-in.

So I’ve found a few great articles focused on what makes good landing pages, also known as opt-in pages or squeeze pages. Note that a landing page can also refer to a sales page. It’s any page where we send people and want them to take a particular action.

These Lessons from Old-School Landing Pages Can Improve Your Site

This short article by Charles Costa offers several secrets to boosting page effectiveness that have been good practices as long as there have been landing pages.

7 Steps to an Effective Landing Page

James George’s 7 steps are easy and practical tips for designing effective landing pages. I really like his points and use them with clients often.

7 Trust Elements of Highly Effective Landing Pages

Unlike the previous article, this one by Julie Boswell focuses more on the content of landing pages – what you say and how to develop enough trust to encourage the action you want. This is a long post, but a really good one, so make some time and read it through.

What has worked well for conversion on your landing pages?