What I’m Reading This Week

membership cardsWe’ve been discussing memberships for the last few weeks, so it only seemed appropriate that this week’s links to useful articles should be about membership programs as well. There’s some good stuff here, so check it out!

Should You Build a Membership Site?

“If you’re an expert in something (and you know you are!), and want to go beyond just blogging about it online, creating a membership site can leverage your time significantly—and, if done right, can be a sustainable online business. But is it worth it?” Marla Tabaka asks this question and talks with some membership creators to get the answer.

How to Create a Membership Program that Rocks

Mary Jaksch has set up two successful membership programs and her article suggests a few questions to ask yourself before you launch yours. The best part of her article, though, lays out 5 critical mistakes that can kill your membership program, and they’re all excellent points.

7 Tips for Creating and Running Your First Membership Site

Ali Luke runs her own membership program and through that experience, has some practical tips for succeeding with your own program.

How to Create a Membership Site

This e-book from the iThemes team is a comprehensive look at creating a membership program. While they do suggest using their own products at times, this is still a good primer on memberships.