What I’m Reading This Week

Fragonard, The_ReaderHere are some of the blog posts that caught my eye this week, and that I think you might find useful.

100+ Blog Post Title Templates That Grab Attention

Having a catchy title is the key to grabbing people’s attention. It’s your golden ticket to increased traffic and wider audience.

You need to elicit interest, emotion, and curiosity in your potential readers to make your blog post title as irresistible as possible.

Plus, it plays a crucial role in improving your search ranking.

Pauline Cabrera has 6 quick tips for writing blog post titles and over 100 title templates where all you have to do to create a compelling title is select one of the blog title templates from the list, fill in the blank(s) with relevant keywords and phrases, and voila: Your post is good to go.

She also includes lists of powerful adjective words and strong actions verbs you can use in your titles.

I know I’ll be bookmarking this page to refer to when writing my blog posts!

Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose: 20 Ways To Maximize Existing Content And Cut Your Blogging Time in Half

I’ve long been a major fan of leveraging the content you create because, after all, we only have so much time. Why not get as much value as we can from the valuable content it took us time to create?

Penny Sansevieri has 20 ways for you to reuse, recycle and repurpose content. Now you don’t want to do this for every post, but once in a while when you know you have some good content that your people seemed to like, you can stretch it further. It can be great when you’re really busy or going to be out of the office.

This is another post I’m going to remember when I’m in a crunch.

No Blog Traffic? Here’s a Simple Strategy to Seduce Readers and Win Clients

Copyblogger.com is an excellent resource for content marketing. And this article by Henneke Duistermaat – whose list I’m also on – is a great example.

Does your blog strategy keep readers engaged with your writing and serve their needs?

How does your content help readers know, like, and trust you?

In this post, Henneke suggests a mindset to help you attract your perfect audience and turn them into subscribers and customers. At the heart of it is focusing on who your ideal fan is, what she wants, and how you can give it to her. Finish this sentence: My favorite fan reads my blog because I help him…

So simple, and so powerful.


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