What’s Your Genius Work?

lightbulbThe most important thing you need to do as a business owner is to clarify what talents, skills, intuition, knowledge, and experience you have that others would benefit from and be willing to pay for. Some combination of these factors will make you unique and allow you to position yourself as ‘special’ in the marketplace.

Building a business in an area you don’t enjoy will be difficult, and often lead to failure, so make sure whatever you decide on here must also be something you enjoy sharing. This is an area that can sometimes be hard to see in yourself. If you find this to be true for you, a perceptive coach can often help you discover your genius.

In my case, I have a technical background along with business experience and coach training. I have learned over the years I’ve been in business that I thrive when supporting other business owners in the strategic and technical aspects of their businesses. I enjoy not only coaching, but actually getting things done for my clients.

Figuring out what your genius is not only helps you in creating your space in the market. It’s also useful for deciding what you should be doing in your business and what you should get other people to do. Your genius work is where you shine, differentiate yourself and love working. There will be other things that you’ll need to have done for your business that don’t require your personal effort, aren’t your strength, and you may not enjoy doing.

A few areas I see some business owners trying to implement on their own is web work, autoresponders/broadcasts, and e-commerce integration. Unless you’re a web designer, you probably shouldn’t be doing your own work on your site. Adding and updating content is fine, but spending time trying to figure out how to change a layout or add functionality is probably not a good use of your time.

Also, setting up an opt-in page for a free call or a freebie and tying it to your autoresponder system can easily be done by a professional while you focus on marketing to attract people to the page.

Whether you use Paypal, Infusionsoft, 1shoppingcart, or something else to let people pay you, you don’t need to figure out on your own how to connect the bits together with the autoresponder and affiliate program. Find someone whose genius work is doing exactly this!

Bottom line: Find what you’re best at and love to do and spend as much of your working hours doing and marketing just that. Then find professionals who love to do the other tasks your business requires and hire them to do those bits for you.

So, what’s your genius work? Leave a comment and tell us about it!