Where Did I Go?

Yes, I’ve been MIA from my blog and subscribers. What happened? Well, you can make plans (What’s the Plan?, Don’t Forget This!, Break Down Your Business Plan), but then you have to execute them. I’ve been so busy with client work over the last several months that my plan to write articles for my blog, post them to article directories, create and offer my own products and services, etc. has been pushed to the back burner. Or maybe I should say it’s fallen off the stove altogether!

I’ve learned that I’m good at following my plan right up until I get a backlog of client websites to work on. Then, I allow the perceived urgency of the client work to push all the work to build additional streams of income right off my plate. The client work is important and often urgent, whereas my other business tasks are “just” important. The urgent tasks completely take over and the “just” important ones don’t get done at all.

So What’s Wrong With That?

It’s OK in the short run. After all, I’m working and getting paid. But the underlying issue is that I’m totally trading time for money and there are several problems with that. First, I limit how much money I can make. I mean, there are only so many hours, right? Second, all my income is coming from this one area. If my web work slows down for any reason – and it does periodically due to client distractions like holidays, the economy, slow times in their own businesses, etc. – I have no other income streams to fill the gap. Obviously, this can wreak havoc on my cash flow.

What To Do…

Time for Change - Ornate ClockHaving had this brilliant insight, the next thing to do is clear, but not necessarily easy. I need to find a way to work on my clients’ sites and build additional income streams at the same time. That means I need to reserve some hours each week for these other business areas. Ironically, although most clients want work done as soon as possible, my wonderful clients are not the problem. They understand that their work is completed as soon as I can fit it in the schedule.

No, my problem will be making sure my behavior matches my intention that my other business tasks are important just like the work for my clients. For some reason, I’m very willing to put others’ needs ahead of my own. I think part of it is that the client work pays off right now, whereas the work on additional income streams pays off later.

I wonder if there’s also a bit of that all-too-typical female trait of taking care of everyone else before taking care of yourself.

Well, whatever causes me to always prioritize my clients ahead of
all other business has to stop. I truly love my clients, yet I need to show these other business areas some love, too! Of course I will continue to treat my clients with care, consideration, and promptness. At the same time, I need to treat the other parts of my business with respect as well.

How to Make It Happen

Next week, I’ll discuss the habit I have that – when I do it – makes me most productive, and how I intend to use it to help me achieve a balance between work for clients and work on other income streams.

What About You?

In the meantime, I’d be very interested in hearing from other
professionals out there about how you achieve this balance – or do you? Does this sound at all familiar to you, or are you managing to work both in and on your business effectively? If so, I’d love some tips! 😉

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