Who I Work With

Could It Be You?

Are you a small business owner who wants to grow your online business, but you're having trouble:

  • Creating an effective website?
  • Getting more subscribers and site visitors?
  • Knowing what products to create or finding the time to develop them?
  • Running your telesummit?
  • Creating a professional looking sales page?
  • Managing your projects and other professionals?
  • Knowing even where to start?

Success With Ease is here with the information, ideas, and inspiration to help you take 'what you know' and successfully develop a website, a subscriber list and communication plan, strategies to get more traffic and search engine visibility, and your own products.

Whether you need coaching to develop strategies, help in implementing them, or both, I can help you. I can help you with virtually anything you want to achieve with your business online.

Many of my clients have businesses that sell their expertise or know-how, usually by trading their time for money. By enhancing their websites, building their lists, developing products and implementing some new marketing techniques, we can take this expertise, build a list, generate more traffic, create products, and generate multiple streams of income.

Typically my clients possess expertise in a wide variety of business-related services from coaching and consulting to design and computer programming.

The expertise they do NOT possess is how to build a business online!

Client Profile

Exactly what kind of clients work with me?

My clients typically share many of the following characteristics. If this sounds like you, you are likely someone I can help.

Very knowledgeable about your business - You enjoy being a true expert and valuable resource to your clients.

Passionate about sharing your expertise - You're excited about sharing what you know with your clients.

Willing to put in steady effort over time - You're sure you'll continue to be successful and are willing to be persistent in your efforts to build the business you dream of.

High level of integrity - You run your business - and your life - according to your values.

Know the importance of balance - You're vigilant about maintaining balance between your personal and professional lives.

Realize you don't need to know everything - You're willing to accelerate your success by getting assistance rather than having to learn everything yourself.

Willing to invest in yourself and your business - You know the investment is worth it.

I'd love to have a conversation with you so we can explore how I might help you grow your business. Email or call me at (585) 223-1498 to set up an appointment.